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Protecting Children Around Your Swimming Pool
Drowning is often a "silent death" because a victim is usually unable to splash violently or call for help, as one might expect.

Selecting a Fence to Protect Your Loved Ones
There are many reasons why homeowners and others need to build or buy a fence, from strictly ornamental reasons to strictly utilitarian ones.

Know Your Liability When Installing a Swimming Pool
Have you installed a swimming pool safety fence or are you going to employ full time lifeguards to supervise your children in the pool this summer?

Pool Safety is Important for Your Pets Too!
Keeping your dog safe is similar to keeping a child safe, you need to constantly be on alert.

Unique Glass Fencing for Your Swimming Pool
Appearance and safety are the most important factors when it comes to pool fencing.

Vinyl Fence Buying Tips
Vinyl fencing quality varies depending on the manufacturer.

Vinyl Fencing versus Wood Fencing
For those who hate dealing with the regular, routine maintenance associated with wood fencing, vinyl fencing is a solid alternative.

Using Pool Covers
Pool covers, in my opinion, should be required on any and all pools.

Keeping Your Wooden Pool Fence in Good Condition
Plan for this annual or bi-annual maintenance when budgeting the cost for new wooden fencing.

Choosing the Fence Type that's Right for Your Property
Decide what you need your fence to accomplish and then choose the fence accordingly.


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