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Appearance and safety are the most important factors when it comes to pool fencing.

Appearance is important because you want your investment to be aesthetically pleasing and add value to your property and safety because as a pool owner, safety must be your number one priority.

Glass pool fencing must not only meet the safety requirements of your local council but offer a stylish range of enclosures that enhances every aspect of a swimming pool.

Spring-loaded frameless glass gates usually complete enclosures complying with pool fencing legislation.

Glass is an attractive product with smooth surfaces, clear viewing, adaptable designs and durability and strength but comes with a high price tag. Costing around $250 a linear metre for fully framed glass fencing, $460 for semi-framed and $950 for frameless glass.

Glass pool fencing is also selected as an effective windbreak around a pool when any breeze comes through and is perfect to look through to view to and from the pool.

Cleaning glass is easier as there is a wide range of cleaning products available at your local hardware shop. Cleaning glass has become more a part of our lives today with bigger windows, glass show screens, glass splash backs and car windscreens.

Cleaning should be done regularly and a wide swiper used particularly around pools close to the ocean.

Installing glass pool fencing around the pool should be done by the skilled experts to avoid the glass breaking and also not permitting small children easy access. Gates must also meet the necessary safety requirements.

With correct installation, proper care and maintenance, glass pool fencing will enhance your pool for many years to come.


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